Questions for the Farmer

Trying to find corn free produce can be a challenge. Often times the produce at the supermarket will be gassed, waxed or washed with corn based ingredients.  Finding an organic farmer who is willing to respond to the following questions is a great idea & healthier for your family too!  Here are some questions to help you find a farmer who may be able to meet your needs.

Is corn grown on property? If yes, is it close to any of the produce.

Do you feed animals with corn on property? If yes, are they fed near any of the veggies.

Is any of their manure used on the veggies (or any manure at all)?

Can the animals potentially poop near the veggies (some farmers use corn fed chickens to keep pests down in the fields)?

Do you use compost or mulch with corn or corn stalks in it?

Do you use any sprays?

Do you use any gases?

Do you use any coatings?

Do you use any weed control (some organic places were using corn gluten to keep down weeds)?

Do you use any enzymes on the plants? 

Do you use any soaps on produce?

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  1. Hi Laura, I am considering going to the EHC and wondered if you would be up for a phone call to answer some questions. My symptoms are different but i am wondering if I could get help there. Thanks, Joy Jordan